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Crafted with passion and necessity, Totally Kosher was launched in 2005. Richard Pearce, the man with the vision for top quality Kosher catering, started to serve Kosher meals with metal cutlery and crockery into the Johannesburg Jewish Community. The ethos at Totally Kosher is that Richard’s vision of unique flavour and outstanding presentation never diminishes.

Our compliment of wisdom in the kitchen allows us to also cater to further specialised dietary requirements such as vegan, low sodium, gluten free, diabetic (etc). We can match these further requirements and still maintain our highest standard of kosher food.

The primary focus is to provide plated kosher meals to our corporate and hospitality clients, which allows their religious dietary clients to be catered for the same way as the rest of the patrons being served. We are able to: menu match off our client’s current offering and offer our unique menus, serve buffet platters or just components of a meal.

Our delivery fleet vehicles are well maintained and completely refrigerated. As one of our cornerstones of the business, and under Richard’s direction and dream, every component of this business is done with absolute dedication to quality, therefore food safety is given the highest priority. Totally Kosher has elected to follow the highest standard. We endeavour to remain a competitive member of the global village.

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"Anticipating and satisfying the needs of our clients and community by continuously demonstrating a passion for our products, a commitment to quality and dedication to service excellence."